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He’s Your Step Brother And He Likes You

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy! I’ll make a part 2 if you guys like! -Jillian

Niall: Things have been going great since your mom got married to Bobby. Things have been turning around compared to last year the struggles. Except one thing. You have had the hugest crush on Niall, your step brother. Niall was just coming home from tour and you were dreading it. You tried to avoid him as much as possible, but that has been more and more difficult for you. But every time you do hang out you end up falling for him even more. “Hey Y/N! I know you’re in your room!” Called your mother from the living room. “Come welcome Niall home!” She said. You let out a groan and trudge down the stairs to see a grinning Naill. God he was perfect. Blue ryes blazing as they pierced yours giving you goosebumps. “Hey..” you sigh as he grins. “Hey Y/N. Nice to see you” he says. “Uhm..I’m gonna go get groceries, have fun you two!” Your mother chirps awkwardly leaving the very uncomfortable bubble you and Niall had formed. ‘How dare she leave me here’ you think watching her with desperate eyes as she walks out the door. You walk down the stairs passing Niall and heading to the couch. “Hey..” he says as you look at him “hm?” You ask cautiously. “You’ve been acting..strange..is everything okay?” He asks his tone filled with concern. You give a simple shake of your head and play threw your phone to occupy yourself using it as an excuse to not talk to Niall. He the the sits by you and sighs staring at you. You ignore the intense stare as best as you can until looking up raising an eye brow at the blonde boy. “What?” You ask “you know what! Just tell me, I’m your step brother, tell me what’s up!” He pleads “that’s exactly it! I don’t want you to be my brother!” You say your voice raising slightly “what?” He asks dumbfounded. “I don’t want to be your little sister Niall..I want..I want to be your girlfriend” you say standing and turning from him. You don’t want to see his face after that confession. So you just simply and calmly walk out the door like nothing happened. Leaving poor Niall in utter shock

Harry: You and Harry have always gotten along. Even before your parents got married. You two always hung out and spent time with him, but naturally you fell for Harry’s charm and good looks. You never showed him though, never showed a single sign. So when Harry would flirt with girls on the red carpet and at parties you only sat back and whished it was you. Things got even worse when your patents married. This made you and Harry forbidden to ever have something more, something you dreamed of. “I don’t see what the problem is, Y/N” he states. “What’s the problem!? Are you insane?! Anne and dad could be home any minute and you bring a slut into our house and get it on on the couch?!!” You shout “have some decency Harry!” You say as he looks up. “Oh shut up. You’re just jealous you can’t get laid that easily” he teases. That one jabbed you the wrong way tensing you even more. Since you were always in love with Harry, you never had a boy friend or anything like that. “Screw you, Harry! You inconsiderate ass!” You scream throwing a spoon you were going to eat your chowder with. It hit his chest as he looked up at you. “What the hell do you want from me?” He asked “to apologize?” He says sarcastically. You look at him glaring anger exploading in your veins “you know what? Maybe Taylor Swift was right. You’re an asshole. I cannot believe I fell in love with a guy like YOU!” You shout shoving past him running to your room

Louis: You and Louis have never been that close. He was always on tour and you were never really home when he was. Because you hated being in the same room with each other. You always bickered about every little thing and it often got on your parents nerves, but you’d always apologize in the end even if you really didn’t want to. But as time dragged by, things started changing. You had become older alittle more closer maybe, and you started growing feelings for Louis. Not brother-sister feelings, but attraction to Louis. One night you were playing Truth or Dare with the boys you being the only girl besides your friend who you had invited so you wouldn’t be the only girl. It was Liam’s turn, his eyes skimmed the faces trying to find a good target. Suddenly his eyes land on your friend, “Y/F/N, truth or dare?” He asked grinning “dare” she says absently as his smile grew wider. “I dare you to kiss Louis for thirty seconds!” He says. You could feel the color rush from your face paling it. She agreed leaning into Louis strong arms pushing her lips to his. That has gotta be the most disgusting thirty seconds of your life. They pull away and you scoff as you stand leaving the circle. Going to your back yard. “Y/N! Y/N!” Louis calls behind you. You turn on your heels and snap at him. “What? what the hell do you want?” You snap he looks at you for a moment as he sighs “what the hell?” He asks “what is wrong with you?” He asks crossing his arms. “I have no idea what you’re talking about Louis” you state “what is with you? You’re being strange. It was just a kiss and here you are acting out!” He says “acting out?! Is this what you think it is?” You snap “what else could it be?” He snaps his voice getting higher. “I call it coping! God- Louis! I like you okay!? Not like a sister! But more! And it’s pretty freaking difficult to see that when you’ve been wanting to do that all your life! I hate you Louis! I just—Ugh!” You snap pushing him. Which wasn’t hard since he was so shocked. His face lost color as you exit out the back gate.

Zayn: You and Zayn were always hanging out. You might not be the most friendly to each other, but you guys make up for it with humor. You always made him laugh and smile which you enjoyed. You’re parents married not long after which was awesome for you considering you’d be closer then ever. But things never went out that way. Although you loved making Zayn smile, you hated it when he gave girls the smile he gave you. That one that he gives to his young fans and such. It made you feel childish, stupid. You wanted that smile he gave girls he was attracted to. This made you change alot. Instead of baggy hoodies and basketball shorts you started wearing tight skirts dresses and such. You started wearing make-up and fixing your hair everyday. You walk down the stairs wearing a dark midnight strapless dress that flowed above your knees. It hugged your chest area a bit tightly. You curled your hair and put on heels. Zayn stood at the bottom of the stairs looking at you memorizing you from your head to your feet. “Whoa..Y/N. This is new” he says astonished. “Ha, yeah I’ve been trying new things.” You gush smiling. “I don’t know about it, I mean. Its a bit..showy.” he says cautiously. You scoff as you say “excuse me? I am trying to look presentable.” You state “I know it’s just— it isn’t you” he says. You raise an eyebrow as you say “this is for you!” He sighs and says “why would you wanna change for me?” He asks oblivious to the reason. “Because obviously! I’m trying to impress you! Don’t you understand!?” You cry as he looked a bit surprised “why?” He asked “because! I freaking hate when you look at other girls! I can tell you want them! I want you to want me!” You yell. He looks blown away as you rush to your room.

Liam: Liam and you had always been good friends since childhood. He had always been like a big brother, taking care of you. He was you’re only friend and was estatic about your parents marrying. Ad time went on you and Liam were inseparable. Some actually thought you were dating. You denied all the rumors of course. But then you started thinking about it. You can’t imagine opening up to any boy besides Liam, you couldn’t imagine laughing and enjoying your time with anyone other then Liam. And that’s when it hit you. You did love him. “Come on Y/N, just put the variable here.” Liam said pointing around on your messy math work. You’re foreheads touching as he guides you threw the difficult question. You try again once again for the sixth time getting it wrong. “If I didn’t know any better I’d assume you’re messing up on purpose.” He says as you sigh frustrated. Running threw your messy hair. “I can’t do it, Liam, I’m stupid” you say fighting back the angry waves that push at you. “Hey”I he says simply as he pulls you closer by your neck “Y/N you’re not stupid. You have got to be the smartest girl ever. I mean seriously, who can read a novel within a day or less” he says as you look up at him. Into his gorgeous eyes that seem to draw you in. The next thing you know your lips are perfectly fitted with Liam’s. Pressed against each other. He pulls away and before you could say anything you shout “I love you for god’s sake Liam Payne!” And strut off somewhere else to get rid of the embarrassing feeling in your stomach.

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